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Art Design

We specialize in the areas of the illustrator, which is to say Sketch, Painting, Gouache, Sculpture, Interior Design, Cards, Environment Art, Opaque Water Colour Painting, Acrylic Painting, Pencil Sketch, and even Photographic Art.

The designer has rich experience in these areas and they've graduated from a top University of Fine Arts of China. They also have flexible time to create, because they are freelance workers.

Millettech cooperates with clients oversea and inland also.

Our process

1. Design the draft

2. Give to clients to have a look if they are satisfied

3. The design can be on draft paper or in the computer

4. Ensure the customers' satisfaction

5. Give our customers the works finished by mail or by the internet.

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Our services will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This helps ensure that potential customers will linger on your site to explore what you have to offer.