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Flash CMS

Flash CMS

Flash CMS stands for Flash Content Management System. It allows users to update text, images and SWFs on a Flash website directly. Website developers and their clients have no need for special administration skills to manage the content of the Flash. Flash CMS helps them to make the process simpler. Millettech has its own Flash CMS developed in 2007. The features of the system are listed as below:

  • Easy to use with customized interface
  • No need for knowledge of programming
  • Editable text-fields with built-in text editor (allows for multi-page text-fields)
  • Direct updating of content on a live Flash website
  • Updatable images and SWFs - includes auto size, auto fit, positioning and captions
  • Allows for multiple users with different file upload permissions
  • All data stored in an XML file - suitable for small to medium website content (no database required)
  • Hidden login - type blindly a predefined word to access the CMS
  • Secure - username and password are securely stored on the server side only


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