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We have the best-in-class working team: the professional technicians, the experienced marketing members, having passionate and patience to satisfy client’s every specific demands. We believe in that the perfect team-building can create the best value.

Company Culture


The mission of Millettech above all is to satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations with the efficiency and quality of our services. We will rapidly expand and improve our services to meet the dynamic needs of the global market.


Customer First – These words ring so true today as they did hundreds of years ago and they are the foundation of Millettech's company philosophy.

Passion – Technology is something Millettech feels very passionate about. We work hard to reflect this in the quality of our products.

Creativity – Knowledge alone is not enough. Millettech believes in the power of creative design and encourages it within our projects and business.

Self-motivation – At Millettech, we are very dedicated to our work. We will work ambitiously to exceed the time limit, quality and cost against our competitors.

Perfection – A solid product does not begin and end with programming alone. Millettech believes in thorough design, creation and testing at all levels. These are the elements of a successful project.


Millettech will be the leading website service provider in China and abroad.

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Our services will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This helps ensure that potential customers will linger on your site to explore what you have to offer.